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    CAN I RESERVE A TABLE? We no longer take individual ticket table reservations from customers. * You can purchase your tickets in batches of 4/6 if you get a ticket like this, that means you will get a ticket for each person and will mean you can sit with your guests. We do not however reserve a table, so you need to arrive early doors to ensure you can all sit together and at the table you would like to sit on. We do make exceptions for customers with special requirements. If you do have access or physical requirements please contact us through our contact page - *Please Note: for any requests of this nature, please contact us at least 7 days prior to the event your attending*. Our tables there to be claimed on a first come first serve basis. If you are coming as part of a large group or you would like to sit at the front, we suggest getting to the venue at 6:15pm. CAN I COME IN EARLY TO PLACE DECORATIONS ETC. ON OUR TABLE? You will not be allowed into the venue early but you may bring decorations as long as they do not obstruct anyone’s view. doors open at 6:15pm. Be in early as after last entry we will not allow this.
    THINK GREEN - You do NOT NEED TO PRINT YOUR TICKET! 99.9% of the time our tickets are purchased online , we will accept a screenshot text/email - only print your ticket if you need too.
    WHEN WILL TICKETS BECOME AVAILABLE? Tickets are released at least a month before the events take place. Join the mailing list via the bottom of this page to find out about dates. CAN I PRE-BOOK TICKETS? We don’t allow tickets to be pre-booked to give everyone a fair chance at buying tickets. CAN YOU LET ME KNOW WHEN TICKETS COME ON SALE? We can’t commit to individually informing people when tickets come on sale due to the vast amount of requests we get a day. Once tickets come on sale, we announce the new dates on Facebook. You can be alerted every time we post by hovering over the like button on our profile and selecting notifications. I UNDERSTAND TICKETS HAVE SOLD OUT BUT CAN I BE PUT ON THE GUEST LIST? We do not supply guestlist tickets to any customers who have been unable to get tickets through our own website. I CANNOT ATTEND THE EVENT ANYMORE. CAN I GET A REFUND? No, refunds will only be issued if we cancel an event which you have bought a ticket for.
  • Event Cancellations/ Refunds
    Sadly, we do not offer refunds as all ticket sales are FINAL, if we cancel our shows, in first instance the show will be postponed, or moved to another venue on a different date, Money from all tickets for all shows goes onto costs of puting the show together and if the show has been transferred all monies will be transferred to the new date or venue. Whilst we understand the new show details may not work for you we will aways extend all of our tickets and so they are available for all shows within 12 months of purchase.
    We have made it easier than ever to book your tickets as a group, on each of the event ticket pages we have made it easier to book group ticket for tables of 4 & 6 if your group is lager we always advise booking the tables together and then the amount of single tickets, in order to be sat together on the event we advise you book together so the event organisers can see that all of the tickets belong to one person this will ensure its easier to sit you together. We do NOT reserve tickets after 7:15pm, we do before this point so we advise someone from the group get in nice and early.
    Please note we will be taking photos and videos of our events for promotional tools, also note that there is flashing lights used for some of our performances however if you do contact us prior to the show we can run the show without flashing lights, and the photographers can turn off flash mode! *Please note - You give us permission when purchasing a ticket to our event, We can & will take photo's of you at our events for our promotional tools!
  • Accessibility
    We work hard to ensure as many of our venues are as accessible as possible, however sometimes this maybe an issue, contact the event organisers anytime at anytime where we will always check in with the venue and get back to you! We would never want someone missing out so if it is an issue we will be sure to transfer your tickets to another show,
  • Lost my ticket
    Don't worry if you can not find your ticket, we at the venue have a list of purchased tickets so we will be able to check against our system that your name is listed, If you would like a ticket to present on entry then you'd need to contact the point of sale.
  • What time does the event end?
    If you are booking a taxi for the end of the event we would say to book it for around 11:45pm, Bingo will be finished for around 11pm but the DJ will continue playing until around 11:50pm.
    Sometimes Changes do happen from time to time and Where possible, we are if a booking is changed and a special guest performance has changed we will always look to reschedule so you can attend a like-for-like show. We will email information regarding our special guests as soon as we can.
    The Doors open for all of our shows from 6:15pm, Bingo is set to start depending on when everyone is in the venue however will be no later than 8pm
    Unfortunately when an event is classified as SOLD OUT that means we are at Full capacity. If the venue opens up extra tickets we will promptly make announcements on our social media. We do NOT have door sale tickets for sold out shows, - On the rare occasion that an event has allocated door sales it will be explicitly advertised. Be aware of ticket fraud - if a ticket is on sale for less than the price on our website or seems to be good to be true then it is! - we will not allow fake tickets into our event and we advise you buy your tickets from our ticket agent directly which is *Ticketebo Uk is our only ticket supplier - We do not supply guestlist tickets to any customers who have been unable to get tickets through our own website.
    Sadly, all ticket sales are final, we use the funds from the ticket sale imminently to plan event staffing and putting the event together in advance of the show, we always advise checking with us that a ticket is legit and to avoid being scammed.
  • Discounted Tickets NHS/VIP/ Charity/ Carers
    We love to say a massive THANKYOU to members of our communities that go above and beyond! We offer discounted tickets to our NHS workers, this includes a carer ticket - we do give discount to large groups too feel free to drop us an email to * Please note at some venues we have to limit the sale of these tickets to ensure we can afford the costs of making the night run.
    CAN I WIN A CASH PRIZE? Bop & Bingo - The Tour does NOT endorse gambling in any way shape or form we are simply a theatrical stage show that is a parody of the traditional game of bingo. WHAT ARE THE PRIZES? We can’t tell you or it would spoil the surprise. They are truly LIFE CHANGING THOUGH! CAN I COLLECT MY PRIZE ANOTHER DAY? If you would like to leave a prize at any of our venues you will need to pick this up within in 48 hours of the event taking place. It is your responsibility to arrange this with the venue and neither us or the venues will be liable for any loss or damage which may occur.
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